A Quick Guide for Assessment of a PUI for COVID-19

Dispatch Call Screening (questions being asked):

  • “Are you or someone in your household currently on home isolation or quarantine for coronavirus?”

  • “Do you currently have any respiratory symptoms such as cough, fever, or shortness of breath?”

Any affirmative answers will be communicated with responding EMS Crews

EMS Personnel arrival at scene (with or without additional Dispatch Information):

  • Move patient (if possible) outside or to larger inside area where initial asssemsment can be done at a distance.

  • Involve the fewest number of EMS Personnel possible

  • Initial assement should be performed a minimum of 6 feet

  • With Signs & Symptoms, patient should wear a facemask

If COVID-19 Not Suspected:

  • Follow standard procedures

  • Use appropriate PPE for routine evaluation of patients with a potential respiratory infection

If COVID-19 is Suspected:

  • Continue involving the fewest numbr of EMS Personnel

  • Follow specific contact and airborne precautions:

    • N-95, P-100 or facemask

    • Eye Protection (goggles or faceshield)

    • Disposable Gloves

    • Isolation Gown