General inquiries and billing questions can be made toll free if outside of Butte County to 1-877-424-8484. Within Butte County, call 530-897-6345. If you wish to contact one of our billing specialists on your specific type of insurance, please look at the table below to determine the phone number which will best serve you.
  • Insurance Specialists Direct Phone Numbers
    • Medicare Specialist ..................... 530-879-5509
    • Medi-Cal Specialist ..................... 530-879-5517
    • Private Insurance Specialist ........ 530-879-5536
    • Private Pay Specialist ................. 530-879-5505
    • Contract Specialist ..................... 530-879-5516
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Are wheelchair and gurney transports covered by Medicare?
      • Medicare does not pay for an ambulance transport when the patient can be transported safely by other means. If a patient is transported via Wheelchair or Gurney Van, they would have been considered transported safely by other means.
    • If the service provided is not covered by Medicare (or any other insurance), who is responsible for the bill?
      • Ultimately, the guarantor of the health insurance (quite often that is the patient), is responsible for the transportation charges. If we feel that the transport is a covered service of your insurance, then we will make every effort to receive payment from your insurance.
    • By signing the Assignment of Benefits (AOB) form, does that make me financially responsible for the service?
      • The AOB form refers to two things: (1) The form allows us to directly bill Medicare and (2): we accept the amount that Medicare is paying as payment in full (not counting any deductible or co-pays that exist). If a family member or another individual who is familiar with the patient signs the form, in no way is that person accepting financial responsibility for the transport.
    • If a doctor orders my transport, doesn't that automatically make the service payable under my insurance?
      • Amazingly enough, it does not. For certain ambulance transports, Medicare requires that a Physician or other authorized signer must sign a Physician Certification Statement (PCS). This form basically says that at the time of transport, the patient could not safely be transported by other means and that an ambulance was needed. Medicare specifically notes within their guidelines that a signed PCS does not guarantee payment.
  • Medicare Definitions
    • Medical Necessity
      • Medical necessity is established when the patient's condition is such that use of any other method of transportation is contraindicated. In any case in which some means of transportation other than an ambulance could be used without endangering the individual's health, whether or not such other transportation is actually available, no payment may be made for ambulance services. In all cases, the appropriate documentation must be kept on file and, upon request, presented to the carrier/intermediary. It is important to note that the presence (or absence) of a physician’s order for a transport by ambulance does not necessarily prove (or disprove) whether the transport was medically necessary. The ambulance service must meet all program coverage criteria in order for payment to be made.
    • Approved Destination
      • An ambulance transport is covered to the nearest appropriate facility to obtain necessary diagnostic and/or therapeutic services (such as a CT scan or cobalt therapy) as well as the return transport. In addition to all other coverage requirements, this transport situation is covered only to the extent of the payment that would be made for bringing the service to the patient. Medicare covers ambulance transports (that meet all other program requirements for coverage) only to the following destinations: Hospital;Critical Access Hospital (CAH);Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF);Beneficiary’s home; Dialysis facility for ESRD patient who requires dialysis; orA physician’s office is not a covered destination.
    • Signature Authentication
      • In an effort to mitigate fraud and abuse, Medicare has increased its enforcement effort on Ambulance Providers. The effort comes in the form of signature verification. The verification of authorized signers applies to Transport Order Forms/Physician Certification Statements (PCS). An authorized signer is a Physician, Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Nurse, or Discharge Planner who has personal knowledge of the medical condition of the patient being transported.
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